CSI: Baker Street

Posted: 16 June 2008 in film

At first I thought it was an April’s Fool prank until I remembered that it’s June: Guy Ritchie to direct new Sherlock Holmes film is the new story doing the rounds. Right…

“Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” was excellent, “Snatch” has more pluses than minuses, but since then Mr Madonna has failed to hit the mark – so the idea of him taking on a British literary legend is a little worrying. There’s talk of sword fighting and action, which is fair enough as the original character was not adverse to getting his hands dirty, but let’s not have the intellectual and dark nature of Holmes be forgotten in a quest to “modernise” the character for a 21st Century teenage audience who have the interest span of a limited amoeba.

Holmes is usually portrayed as being in his early 40s and upwards but the character was less than 30 when he made his first appearance in “A Study in Scarlet” in 1881. Indeed if the theory of Holmes’ year of birth being 1854 is in the right area then he was only just into his late 20s, so there is no reason why a more youthful Holmes and Watson could not work if handled correctly. Given that Ritchie likes to work with Jason Statham and said actor is 35 has the role of Holmes already been earmarked??? Let’s hope not – although Statham is a good actor and has an undeniable screen presence he would be wrong for Holmes (far too big a chap for a start).

So if the action is put into the Victorian world of Holmes and Watson what else needs to be there to counterpoint it?

Gil Grissom of “Crime Scene Investigation”, Dr Gregory House of “House” and Detective Robert Goren of “Law and Order: Criminal Intent” are three of the most popular characters in TV drama at the moment. And all have been acknowledged by their creators are being based on Sherlock Holmes. The cranky, eccentric, forensically-orientated character of the novels and short stories is begging for a touch of the “CSI” franchise to be applied.

How about instead of “Sherlock Holmes: The Movie” we go for “CSI: Baker Street”?


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