Devil May Care – Bond is back!!!

Posted: 19 June 2008 in books
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On 28th May 2008 the new James Bond novel “Devil May Care” by Sebastian Faulks was published to mark the centenary of the birth of the characters creator, Ian Lancaster Fleming, who died in 1964.

Set in 1967 “Devil May Care” encompasses locations in Italy, France and Iran, and revolves around the still-topical theme of drugs smuggling. Fleming’s style has been recreated well by Faulks and let’s hope that other continuation novels set in the original timeline of 007 will be forthcoming.

To mark this special publication a competition was held by the publishers Penguin to find a theme song for the audio version of the novel in the same way that each of the 007 films does. Has another audiobook ever had a theme tune specially written for it? If not then another first for James Bond.

The winners were the Welsh group Sal and the tune itself quite possibly rates up with “Live And Let Die” and “A View To A Kill” as the best rock-orientated Bond theme ever.

Enjoy listening to it here


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