It was 41 years ago today…

Posted: 25 June 2008 in music

That peace was suggested as a way…

On 25 June 1967 The Beatles gave the first public performance of “All You Need Is Love”. It took place on the first live global television broadcast “Our World”. The message of “all you need is love” seems a fairly simple one. And not too long either: 5 words, none of which is longer than 4 letters. A simple manifesto against the insanity of the Cold War and all the other events of that time. Were the leaders of the most powerful nations on Earth the only people who didn’t tune in? 400 million others managed it without too much trouble. Maybe they were doing too busy consulting with the hawks and telling the doves to fuck off? Maybe to them peace doesn’t make really fun imagery in the way that dropping bombs on the innocents of the world does?

Granted the current Cretin-in-Chief of them there United States could have difficulty understanding the message of the song but couldn’t he ask an intellectually superior life-form, such as month-old earwax, to explain it to him? Killing people=BAD / Getting on with people=GOOD. They could do it with drawings and everything. They could even let him keep the crayons and paper afterwards. Perhaps not the paper as the edges are sharp and he could cut himself. On second thoughts let him keep it and demonstrate how to hold it against the jugular…


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