Equality in the Hotel Room

Posted: 22 July 2008 in life
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Get those bloody Bibles out of the hotel rooms!!!

For 100 years the Gideon International have been placing copies of this nauseating tome in hotel rooms across the planet in the hope of converting more idiots to their idiotic cause. It may have been acceptable for hotels to accommodate this “crusade” in the early 20th Century but in the 21st Century it is offensive to anyone with half a brain cell (which rules out Christian Fundamentalists right away). The only useful purpose this work of fiction serves is for wedging the bathroom door open. Otherwise it’s proper home is in the rubbish bin – or taken to reception. Though the bin is the easier option as it involves less effort…

If the door wedges can’t be removed wholesale then there is always the counter-offensive: every room that has a Gideon Bible should have a copy of Charles Darwin’s “The Origin of the Species” placed next to it, with an invitation to take it away free of charge.

There should also be a “Darwin Fish” sticker made available to place inside the Gideon Bible, just to piss off the next religious nut that has that room.

Oh, and don’t forget to leave empty condom wrappers in the same draw…


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