The House of Chaotic Serenity

Posted: 4 January 2009 in life
In only a few days from now the house is going to be invaded by a force of British workmen. 3 weeks of banging, crashing, tea/coffee guzzling will result in a sparkling new kitchen and bathroom. In the interim the house will be in chaos with pretty much the entire contents of the kitchen having a temporary home in the living room and elements of the bathroom scattered across all the bedrooms. Hoping to get the rubber duck…
But in the midst of all the chaos it’s heartening to see that the cat is sleeping serenely in one of the bedrooms Not a care in the world. This is excellent. As anyone with a cat will be aware a chaotic house is child’s play to cope with in comparison to a pissed-off feline who can’t find a peaceful locale for their little 6 hour naps…

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