Indiana Jones V

Posted: 28 June 2009 in film

 After the huge financial success of “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” (in the region of $787 million) it was inevitable that rumours of a 5th outing for the intrepid archaeologist would emerge. But after all the questions about the need for a 4th outing nearly 20 years after “The Last Crusade” (which provided a perfect finale to the series) the questions about the 5th have started…Many people connected with the franchise have stated that a story in is development and research about the MacGuffin is well underway.

One of the strongest rumours for the potential “Indiana Jones V” involves the lost tomb/treasure/underwear of Genghis Khan with the forces of Communist China as the villains and a setting of 1959. Interestingly 1959 is the year that the Dalai Lama fled Tibet after the Chinese invasion…a potential opener with Indiana Jones being involved in the escape? After all Harrison Ford is a supporter of the Dalai Lama and the cause of Tibetan independence and is banned by the People’s Republic of China from entering Tibet as a result. It’s a fair bet that any location in China would be off the cards as well.

Good for him. Anyway…

The main problem with “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” was that it failed to deliver on an intriguing premise: Russian agents seeking a power greater than the nuclear weapons that the major governments are playing god with, and Indiana Jones under suspicion of being a Communist. A terrific opening with the battle at Area 51 and the haunting image of Indiana Jones witnessing a nuclear mushroom cloud…and then it all goes a tad awry…it really took a decade and half to get the script for this done?

Location-wise it all fell and bit flat…only the United States and Peru…hardly a globe-trotting outing in the style of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”. Half expected the story to end up in the region of Russia because the alleged connection of the crystal skulls to Atlantis and the theory of said mythical location being near southern Russia.

At times it was hard to believe Harrison Ford was in his 60s with all the running, jumping and general activity he was undertaking. And that is why the film ultimately worked, and why a 5th would as long as it’s done before he hits 70 (Sean Connery just about got away with “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” in his early 70s).

And the reintroduction of Marion gave Indy the female foil he had so been missing in the 2nd and 3rd outings…Inspired screwball comedy follows thanks to the chemistry between Harrison Ford and Karen Allen. They pick up 27 years on without missing a beat. Wasn’t it so brilliant of George Lucas to nix the idea of bringing back Marion for the subsequent outings after “Raiders of the Lost Ark”? He was also the one that suggested the more horrific approach for “The Temple of Doom” and making it a prequel not a sequel.

Isn’t it just wonderful having the writer of “The Farting Menace”; “Attack of the Clowns”; and “Revenge of the Shit” making inspired story suggestions??? Any chance he can be locked in a cupboard until after “Indiana Jones V” is done and dusted.


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