2009: The Evolutionary Year

Posted: 31 December 2009 in life

Having just been semi-forced to watch “When Harry Met Sally” thoughts about the year-that-is-about-to-pass have entered the brain and so it seemed a good time to commit them to paper (so to speak) before a) 2010 arrives, and b) the alcohol renders me incapable of typing altogether…

A key message of the film is that often the best relationships evolve from friendships, usually when we least expect them to. And that’s what happened to me in 2009.
Going into 2009 my best friend was Anthea, and leaving 2009 my future wife is Anthea. The same Anthea in fact. All very odd considering that at the beginning of the year I was single and sharing a house with my parents, and she was married and living with the hubby. Well she is technically still married. Now come years-end we’re living together and engaged, though wondering if you can be engaged whilst still married . Is any of this making sense? Continually confuses the crap out of me it has to be said. But in a good way 🙂
At present future wife is drooling over Amanda Palmer and the “I Google You” song that she was taught in person on the eventful evening we met her and the magnificent Neil Gaiman. Nowt wrong with drooling over Amanda of course…
Anyway…without doubt the most eventful and amazing year of my life, especially as upon achieving the age of 42 my meaning of life has been achieved (look up Douglas Adams if you’re in the dark as to the significance of 42 in life, you uneducated thing you).
Like all years 2009 was a mixture of the downs and ups…
On the downside was the old man falling very ill, in fact I thought we were going to lose him on the eve of his 75th birthday. Thankfully the much-maligned NHS worked their magic on him and he’s back in the fold once again. Happy as a pig in shit with his Sky box and crosswords. Had to renew the life insurance though…Every silver lining has a cloud…
A continued source of pleasure through the year has been the wonderful Good Intentions Music with the highlight being the fantastic GI Fest over the glorious late May B/H weekend…great music/lovely ladies/variety of beer. What more is needed?
A virtual nervous breakdown in August caused me to miss my best mate Caz’s wedding, something I will regret for the rest of my years on this planet, but from the darkness eventually comes light and so was the case with me thankfully.
Since July 2008 a high point of my life was the friendship with Anthea and during 2009 this evolved in ways that neither of us could have predicted. An ironic fact as it was the 150th anniversary of the publication of “On the Origin of Species” on 24th November 1859 from the pen of Charles Darwin, which demonstrated the majesty of evolution and its unpredictable nature.
I continually point out that I did not steal Anthea away from her marriage, rather someone else lost her. And bollocks to those that have quoted scripture to justify their narrow-minded attitude above and beyond the happiness of the individual. Just because I am an atheist in a relationship with a Christian it doesn’t mean I am going to turn her to a path of human sacrifice and bible-burning. Not straight away anyway…possibly at the wedding reception though…
Enough bollocks for 2009, more in 2010.

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