Doctor Who Series 5 Episode 9 review: Cold Blood

Posted: 2 June 2010 in television
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What? Fuck!!! What???!!! No!!! They’ve killed Rory!!!

Doctor Who - Cold Blood

Half expected it but never thought they’d do it. So full kudos to the Grand Moff for having the guts to do it. The universe of Doctor Who is officialy very unsafe once again. Possibly the most gut-wrenching companion death since Sara Kingdom way way back in 1966 took the breath away. And then Amy only had moments to grieve before the crack in space and time that has been dogging her and the Doctor erased all memory of her beloved Rory from history. Only the Doctor retains the knowledge of his existence. Only he can continue to mourn him. You could say that it’s the Doctor’s fault that Rory died as he took the shot intended for the Time Lord when he was so fixated on retrieving the shrapnel from the crack that had appeared in the Silurian city.

The loss of Rory almost paled when the shrapnel was revealed as being part of the TARDIS!!! The inevitable conclusion has the Doctor’s beloved timeship exploding in the future and rupturing time and space. Would such an event destroy the Doctor as well?

The apocalyptic events of the last few minutes of the story almost turned the preceeding events into a very, very long prelude but the force of the Silurian v Apes conflict held it’s own.

As predicted everything went into the crapper with the Silurian prisoner being killed by a pathetic weak ape with only narrow interests in mind rather than the wider picture affecting the other billions of apes roaming the planet.

Once more the Doctor’s efforts to prevent bloodshed failed (one day he’ll succeed) but there’s always the chance it’ll come right one day.

If the Doctor and Amy face an uncertain future then the future for the two species who claim the Earth as their exclusive home is far more hopeful.

The hawks in the form of Alaya and Restac got their short but bloody conflict but the seeds of future co=operation between the doves was sown thanks to the efforts of Eldane, the leader of the Silurian Council (in a Nelson Mandela-with-scales-like performance from Stephen Moore), and the humans who chose to remain asleep with their new friend for a millennium.

It’s a great pity that when Adric was killed off way back in Earthshock the whole sorry saga of that character wasn’t wiped from true history…


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