Wedding: Ian’s speech

Posted: 10 July 2010 in life

The first of the blogs relating to the big day on Friday 2nd July 2010 when Anthea became Mrs Anthea Sadler. It seems that my speech went down well with lots of people – lumps in throats, etc, and I’ve been asked to let the world see the text. So here it is. As per usual with these things (and with me especially) there was a touch of ad libbing on the day but this is around 95% of what was said and the heart of what I said:


Thank you all for coming along today to help Anthea and I celebrate our love for each other.

I’m a Doctor Who, Scooby-Doo, Shakespeare, and Douglas Adams-loving atheist who’s happily loved up with Anthea.

Proper. Romantic. Love.

Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, mobile technology, and Anthea’s general ability to talk…and talk…and talk…most of you will know the story of how we’ve ended up here today.

If you don’t know the entire story it’s going to make a good Quentin Tarantino film in due course…

May seem unusual to do a wedding on a Friday.

It’s been rumoured that I didn’t want to run the risk of clashing with the “Doctor Who” series finale by getting married on a Saturday.

This is absolutely true.


Before launching into full rambling mode I’d like to do a few thankings.

Mum: for feeding the hungry masses today and looking after me in general for far more years than I’ve deserved.

Dad: although he is unable to be here this evening because of his health, his presence at the ceremony was most welcome, as has been his support throughout.

The Clegg clan of Alan, Ann, Andy and, by extension, Amelia for welcoming me into the fold.

Alan’s interest in the Sunday Times has rubbed off and I now get a copy every w/e.

Ann’s generosity with food means that whenever I return from Cornwall I’m far heavier than when I arrived.

Clea: bridesmaid and little sister to Anthea.

Zoe: unusual “best man” and for putting up with me as a friend for nigh on 10 years. Especially after the “canal of doom” adventure…

Anthea and I share a love of Douglas Adams and his “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” series.

In the series 42 is known as the “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything”, or “The Meaning of Life”.

At the age of 42 I have finally found my meaning of life.

Anthea is my meaning of life.


Anthea is my best friend.

Anthea is my partner in life.

Anthea is the future mother of my children.

Or so Anthea says.

She’s also the silly bugger who thought it would be a really, really good idea to possess three balls of vampiric furriness called Merlot, Pinot and Smudge

Three cats that have left me with real physical scars.

“I want to get a cat sometime”

“Yes dear”

Next day

“I’ve just got three kittens”

“What the f…”

As many of you know it’s damn easy to become Anthea’s friend.

She’s outgoing, empathic, kooky, sexy, and ever-so slightly bonkers.

Ok…totally bonkers

I’m lucky in that not only did Anthea become my friend, she became my best friend.

It’s a wonderful feeling to fall in love with your best friend, even though you don’t realise it’s happening.

Or you do realise and don’t want to believe it’s happening.

Being best friends allowed all the emotional connections to form and become rock hard long before we got to the physical aspects.

Enough about rock hard…

Anthea is also the biggest klutz in existence.

Pretty much every time she’s in the kitchen you’ll hear:




And that’s simply pouring a glass of water…


The first time she and I were at The Good Intent pub to discuss staging GI Music she managed to break the ladies toilet.


Then she left her drink on the bar.

In the near 2 years Anthea and I have been involved with GI Music we’ve made a lot of good friends and had a lot of fun.

Calling it the “GI Family” isn’t too far off the mark and it means a great deal to me and Anthea to have so many of the people connected to GI Music here today.

Thanks to Lesley for co-ordinating the acoustic music interlude this afternoon.

And Chris for bringing along his technical gubbins.


Normally I can judge someone within a minute and know if I’m going to like them.


Without fail.

I couldn’t figure Anthea out.

Still can’t.

I’m certain that if anyone ever does figure her out it’ll destroy the magic that is Anthea.

Many people thought I was utterly opposed to the institution of marriage.

And how anyone who got married should be in an institution.

I was.

I never believed that it was possible to experience true love and want to devote my life to one person in wedded union.

That’s all changed.

Today is the ultimate evidence of my belief in marriage.

The desire to devote the rest of my years in love with a single person.

Proper. Romantic. Marriage.

Exactly 78 years ago on 2 July 1932 my maternal grandmother married my maternal grandfather at Guildford Register Office.

I’m delighted to be following in their footsteps today.

Thank you all for coming to help Anthea and I celebrate the best day of our lives.

I look forward to many more days, weeks, months and years of happiness.

Please raise your drink containers to my wife: Mrs Anthea Sadler.


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