Unblocking the brain

Posted: 23 July 2010 in books, life

Anthea says i should do it. Sarah says i should do it. Several people have said that I should do it. No not that…Apparently I need to employ my potential and turn my hand to writing. Proper writing, not just the high brow/idiotic (delete as applicable) nonsense that I post on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc. So that’s not a daunting possibility at all…

Granted I’m good at criticising naff dialogue and rubbish plots originating in both the written and visual medium but that’s very different from creating a story from scratch. Yes, many sets of imagery and knowledge spin around inside the mind but how can that be bottled and channeled into an interesting concept?  Fuck knows!

Would I be suited to fiction, non-fiction, something between, if that exists? Perhaps I need suggestions thrown at me and see what yarn I can spin. Or find the script of a film or programme I disliked and see what originates from tweaking?

Thought is required on this one methinks.

Hopefully I can never be as naff as the likes of Dan Brown and Jeffery Archer…


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