Kabul War Diary: Americans unhappy about being outed

Posted: 27 July 2010 in life

On Sunday 26 July 2010 Wikileaks released over 75,000 secret US military reports covering the war in Afghanistan – and the US Government has freaked its collective shit over the release of the documents.

The Kabul War Diary uses internal US military logs to demonstrate the continuing failure of the war in Afghanistan. Pakistan is shown to be in cahots with the enemy and the Americans are likely to be guilty of numerous war crimes coupled with a shoot-the-shit-out-anything-that-moves-policy. Or simply shoot anything policy. Especially if there is a Union Flag attached (1776 and all that was a long time ago).

This supposed “war on terror” (or possibly “war on religion”) is a complete and utter fucking mess. Did the US learn nothing from their fuck-ups in Vietnam and pretty much every other conflict they have instigated in, well, forever???

The war started because of material greed for oil supplies, not the welfare of oppressed humans in that region of the world. Afghanistan has been a battleground between mighty imperial empires for centuries and “Great Game 2” is going no better for the empires of the West than it did for the British and Russian Empires in the 19th Century. A war in that part of the world can never be won, simply ended by withdrawing.

Admit the entire “war of liberation” is an almighty fuck-up and get the poor bloody cannon fodder out of there and back to their loved ones throughout the world. Is it going to get to the stage where the hawks in Washington say “fuck it” and commence the use of biological, chemical, and nuclear WMDs to purge the realm of the enemy. Hopefully Obama’s doves hold sway currently, but the concept of a Palin led Republican Empire of insane religious zeal is incredibly scary in relation to this.

After World War II the Nuremburg Trials were established to hold the Nazis to account for their role in the attempted genocide of the Jews and other races. In the wake of the “war on terror” a new wave of “crimes against humanity” legal proceedings should occur. George W Bush, Tony Blair, and all the war-mongering greedy oil moguls who instigated the “war for money” must be held to account for their roles in the obscene waste of life that took place on their watches and continues to this day around the world. After the Holocaust the world said “never again”. Never again must any politician be allowed to lead a nation they are sworn to protect from harm into illegal wars for the purpose of making money.



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