Smug, insane arse holes, aka the Church of Scientology

Posted: 26 September 2010 in life

In 2007 Panorama reporter John Sweeney famously lost it while investigating the Church of Scientology. He had a dramatic on-camera bust-up with a church spokesman by the name of Tommy Davis. Amongst charges of bias the church launched a campaign to prevent the documentary being shown. They failed.

Sweeney has returned to investigate the church again

Now personally I think that John Sweeney had every right to go bat shit at that smug piece of cult-promoting shit-faced moron. He shouldn’t have apologised then, or at any point afterwards, for doing what any sane human being would have done in the presence of such insidious and downright nasty so-called human beings.

Hijacking the Holocaust to justify their hatred of psychiatrists and mental illness is as much of a crime as denying it and should be made a proper criminal offence.

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