What’s the point of being a drunken monkey?

Posted: 2 January 2011 in life
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1st January 2011 – Facebook, Twitter, and numerous other social networks jammed back with information about the drunken antics of New Year’s Eve. It’s become a badge of honour as to how crap one can feel after consuming excessive amounts of alcohol in a limited time. Maybe I’ve turned a hidden bend in my life and become an old curmudgeon but the fun of self-induced alcohol poisoning has lost it’s attraction.

Have I suddenly become a self-aware, sensible adult and realised just how much alcohol can fuck up the brain and body? Hopefully not the former but certainly the latter. Alcohol does not mix well with my depression at present so I’m on a non-alcoholic diet. Even the thought of drinking alcohol is turning my stomach.

Doubtless i’ll lapse but for the moment I’m happy to exterminate brain cells on a regular basis.


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