2010: Remembrance

Posted: 3 January 2011 in life

Unsurprisingly my marriage to Anthea on 2 July was the central event of the year.  Funnily enough as the 183rd day of the year, the it was also the exact midpoint of 2010. All happenings and occurrences before and after resonated out from there. Everything before that day was preparation and everything after legacy. Anthea’s divorce was finalised on 6 April and before the day was out we’d booked the register office and were off and running with planning. Having less than 3 months to get everything sorted was a boon. No messing around, just get on with it. A helpful attitude was: “it’s our day, we’re doing it our way, if someone tries to interfere or kick up a fuss then they can fuck off”. Prima donna behaviour happened from one insignificant (to my view) area but that was bulldozered over, concreted and thoroughly ignored. Both sets of parents couldn’t have been more helpful and friends were supportive in decorating the reception venue for what was a fantastic day. It’s a cliche of course, but it really was the best day of my life. Maybe that’ll change in 2011 if current efforts come to fruition 🙂

Good Intentions Music continues to provide a great source of entertainment to many and a showcase of musical talent. Once in a while it becomes a chore to organise (normally after a bad few days at work) but then the evening happens, the punters love it, and enthusiasm is renewed. Given the shit that the staging of local music is going through it’s ultimately rewarding to be a part of something that brings happiness to many.

Supporting Anthea’s musical career occupied a large slice of 2010. And looks all set to do the same in 2011. After several years of work her first album “Jars of Clay” was unleashed and, as the year turned, was beginning to acquire excellent reviews. She does all the hard work with gigging, writing, networking…I sit with the laptop and maintain her online presence (which seems to involve an increasing number of locales). 2011 sees the start of work on album 2. I might need to make her miserable for a time though as a lot of her previous material originated in unhappiness…

So as 2010 closed I was happily married, settled in a nice house with 3 insane cats, a fair amount of shiny Apple technology, and ongoing efforts to produce an offspring in 2011. Though Anthea is concerned about passing my Sadler-isms onto a future generation…

Thanks to all those who have been a part of my life in 2010 and if you’re very unlucky you’ll continue to be acquainted with me in 2011.


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