Counselling and the art of Icarus falling

Posted: 25 March 2011 in life
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Counselling is defined as “a form of psychological or talking therapy”. It’s a well-used and effective tool for helping depressives, whether the condition be unipolar or bipolar in nature. It’s a form of support that I’ve actively shied away from in years past. Despite posting blogs, doing tweets, Facebooking,etc, deep down I am actually a rather private individual and the thought of sharing inner most feelings (and even crying) in the presence of a stranger just didn’t seem to be for me.

I never thought marriage was for me but events that led to my being with a beautiful, intelligent, fun woman changed all that in an instant. Recent events out of my control, and the resulting mental and emotional issues – not to mention lots of nagging by close and supportive friends – led to a revision of my views of counselling. So I bit the bullet and located one to help me.

And, like marriage, counselling works under the correct circumstances. My circumstances obviously involved me accepting that I was at rock bottom emotionally and therefore fully open to any help I could avail myself of. I’ve not been ashamed to lose emotional control (“blubbering” as used to be said of Winston Churchill when he became emotional) in front of a stranger. These people are used to it – they’re trained for it.

Long-held thought processes are being overturned. World views altered. The addled mess that passes as a brain inside my skull is being reordered positively in the manner of a dextrously manipulated Rubik’s Cube. Changed thought processes are useful now to help me survive but would have made no difference to my life even a few months ago.

Fear of the unknown is partially what prevented me from the realm of counselling in times previous but now I realise that it is a useful art that can literally help to keep people alive.

If Icarus had heeded the counselling of Daedalus he would have not flown so high and plummeted to earth with such a crash. Listening to the advice of family and friends when flying at any height, be it low or high, is important. When low you can been raised up. When high you can be caught when you fall like Icarus.


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