A cheque on society

Posted: 29 March 2011 in life

Just paid the bill for work on the car via online transfer and it set me thinking (which is always a plus)…does anyone out there use cheques anymore?

Even if a gun or other instrument of terror (say, the “News of the World”) was waved in front of me as an encouragement, I would be utterly unable to locate my chequebook. Not even certain there was even one issued with this account now I think more carefully. The last bastion of chequebook payment was the car mechanic, and even he has been paid via online transfer for the last few years.

How long before a cheque book becomes an exhibit in the British Museum? Children gathering around a short film of the process of writing a cheque and looking on in disbelief at the hoops that had to be jumped to give money to someone else.

  • Find a pen (always carry your own if going to a bank as a fundamental law of the universe is that pens chained in slavery in banks never work)
  • Find the cheque book (oh fuck, left it in the other coat)
  • Write to whom it is to be paid
  • The amount (twice over – once in words and once in numerals)
  • Sign it (smudging the signature in the process)
  • Write the date (accepting that for the first 3 months of any year you won’t remember that the year had changed, cross it out, enter the correct dates, initial the correction)
  • Hand over the cheque guarantee card (oh fuck, left it in the other trousers)
  • Wait an age whilst the person you’ve handed the cheque to compares the signature on the cheque to the one on the guarantee card (which NEVER EVER looked the same as one was written on paper and the other on plastic)

And then there were the poor left-handed sods who tried year after year to get the banks to give them the correctly-orientated cheque book…probably some of them are still waiting for the one that they requested in 1993…

  1. Tom says:

    Ahh the cheque – I do recieve a lot in my work and it is a pain to have to head to a bank to pay it in and wait the 2-3 days. I try to encourage cash or bank transfers. Now I’m waiting for the future to come properly to the UK in the form of iPhone/iPad card readers like this: https://squareup.com/ – just type in the amount owed, swipe the card and done!

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