Lord, what fools these mortals be!

Posted: 1 April 2011 in life

The trouble with April’s Fools Day is that it’s pretty hard to spot the hoax news stories anymore given the sheer volume of foolishness that occurs across the world on every single day of the year.

Humanity makes individual and collective acts of foolishness every second of the day.

From collectively ignoring science that proves the environmental balance of the world we inhabit is being fucked over by big business for extra profits, all the way down to idiotic decisions by individuals without proper thought to how it will destroy the lives of others, it’s nigh on impossible to sort the real from the unreal anymore.

In the 21st century I don’t think a specific day is needed any longer for us to be foolish on.

Though one has to hope that the news about the Daily Sport and Sunday Sport going into administration is true…I know it’ll be a blow to all you dirty old men that go and buy this soft porn rubbish on a daily basis but here’s a word of advice: go online like the rest of us and get it for free…


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