Well it made me laugh…

Posted: 8 April 2011 in film, life

Last night I was catching up on unseen episodes of “The Mentalist” via Five Demand. In the breaks was an advertisement for the new “Winnie the Pooh” film. Yes film! I don’t call it a movie, when I was young it was a film and that’s good enough for me a good 4 decades on. In fact, when did films become movies? When did Peking become Beijing? When did Bombay become Mumbai? I must keep missing all the announcements relating to these alterations.

Anyway, back to the original point…

As part of the promotion for “Winnie the Pooh” there was a competition to win a trip to honey farm, or a trip with a honey? Whatever the prize was entry to the competition was to be made via www.disney.com/pooh.

A priceless moment of entertainment for me came with the enthusiastic voiceover announcing that “Disney slash poo”. Did anyone in the Disney marketing department consider just how wrong that URL would sound when read aloud? Especially to those who grew up with the bawdy humour of the “Carry On” films?

Well it made me laugh…And if a happening, a phrase, an event, brightens your day then it has justified its existence-even if only for a snapshot of time. At the moment many inhabitants of this world of ours need their spirits lifting – and Disney slashing poo did it for me.


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