Early morning bloggage

Posted: 27 April 2011 in life

4.30am. The last time I was awake this early, discounting illness, was to depart for a holiday in Malta. Far different reasons on this occasion…One of my uncles died a couple of weeks ago from cancer and my mother is departing for Lincoln at 5am for his funeral service later in the day.

The cats are totally confused by the early morning activity…but then again the cats are normally confused by any activity, especially their own…

Merly is getting under feet, squeaking as only felines can, and being bribed with treats to get out from under said feet – so pretty much business as normal for her…

Pinot is sat on a window sill watching the activity with a mildly dazed expression…

Smudge has spent 30 minutes wandering around like a fart in a trance, including a brief spell sat in the bathroom basin (no water in residence at the time) and now seems to be settling down to sleep once again.


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