Re.Cycling issues

Posted: 20 May 2011 in life
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It’s about time I got myself another bicycle. The muscles around my dodgy knee could do with strengthening and it’s either cycling or jogging. And for two simple reasons there is no way I am taking up jogging: 1) the impact of feet hitting ground would jar the knee and make matters worse, 2) have you ever seen a happy jogger? They all look as if they’re off to face the guillotine…

But when I do avail myself of the use of said 2-wheeled chariot I shall remember an important fact that far too many cyclists forget: I am bound by the rules of the Highway Code in the same way that car drivers are. It’s untrue how many cyclists believe they have carte blanche when it comes to using the road. In fact cyclists are not permitted to ride through red lights at pedestrian crossings, across zebra crossings at warp 9 when people are using them, nor 58 bicycles abreast so they can chat to their fellow travellers (the law states single file).

I shall also avail myself of the extensive network of cycle paths that traverse the country and have been paid for at great expense by the taxpaers. Instead of holding up traffic as I negotiate the thousands of potholes that litter the car highways and byways of the nation I’ll use the lovely smooth and away from traffic cycle paths.

Plus, I’ll have a bicycle with tyres wider than a razor blade…but I won’t try and climb Ben Nevis on it…


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