The curious incident of the cat in the night-time

Posted: 4 June 2011 in life

Just when it seems life can’t get any weirder…it goes and gets weirder…there’s been a grave robbery…

When Smudge the cat passed away 4 weeks ago she was buried at the top of the garden, wrapped in an old shirt of mine. On top of her resting place was put a flower pot and a stone otter (Olly).

Today I discovered that the grave had been dug up with the shirt and the otter lying by the side of it and Smudge missing. In the 30 or so years that pets have been laid to rest in the garden grave robbery has never occurred before. The most likely culprits are the two young foxes that wander around at night. Less likely explanations involve a very sick human agency, or a mysterious resurrection…

  1. Catherine says:

    Hi Ian

    Had no idea about Smudge – really very sorry to hear that 😦

    And as for the body disappearing – how bizarre – wonder what on earth happened there?!?!

    Hope you’re ok and hope we’ll see you soon . . .

    Catherine xx

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