Anna Neale: Eunomia – Album & Book – a PledgeMusic project

Posted: 14 June 2011 in music
Anna Neale at Roman Baths, Bath - photography by Tomodo Photography - image © Tomodo Photography 2011 -

image © Tomodo Photography 2011 -

I’m fortunate enough to be acquainted with many exceptionally talented musicians from the Surrey music scene and one of the premier female singer/songwriters is Anna Neale. Anna, as she puts it, is a”sensual, playful and feisty singer songwriter”. Nothing in that statement that I can disagree with.

After touring as a member of the Dublin soul band The Commitments, Anna’s move to become a performer in her own right has seen her take her career to a new level. So far Anna has performed her unique acoustic rock (or ‘sex folk’ as dubbed by the national Canadian press!) with gutsy vocals around the world, attracting the attention of an increasing number of fans with her live, TV and radio appearances.

Anna has launched a new PledgeMusic campaign for her upcoming album ‘Eunomia’, inspired by ‘Roman Antiquity for the Modern World’. PledgeMusic allows fans and supporters to pay a minimum amount to contribute to the funding of the project and in return receive exclusive items and/or downloads depending on the amount they pay. Anna’s campaign starts at £8 – which includes a download of the finished album and access to exclusive updates.

This is a fantastic project to invest in. I have. I’m also one of the lucky few to have heard demo tracks – it’s going to be a brilliant album, Anna’s best to date.

Here’s a few words from the lady herself…

Hi everyone,

I’m in the early stages on recording my new album ‘Eunomia’. The album will be fully produced with the band and will feature 10/11 new tracks, with a book of my own photos and the stories behind the songs. It’ll be my last album for a while so it will be a good one! In order to unlock the albums full potential I’m asking my fans to support me through Pledge Music. You can pledge here for a download of the album on the day of release, plus a host of other exclusive items & experiences!

The album is based on ‘Roman antiquity for the modern world’, and is inspired and set in and around the Pompeii area. That’s not to say this will be an historical album, more that I’m taking the lives and examples from 2000 years ago and comparing them to us now (with a bit of artistic licence!). We all still have the same hopes and fears, the same questions, and experience love in similar ways. Of course there will be songs on other themes such as experiences and the usual ‘boy meets girl’ just to break things up (or as one friend put it ” “boy meets girl…volcano erupts over them…found 2000 years later in a final embrace”!).

It’s been a challenging project so far with lots of research. As my supporters and fans I would love to be able to include you in the journey and make you all part of the project. As a ‘pledger’ you’ll get exclusive access to blogs, photos and videos of a gig I’m doing at the Great Roman Baths in Bath as well as updates and previews.
Anna x

The confirmed tracks for the album are:

False Consciousness: written during a December night in Winchester Cathedral

Fire, Fire: based on the eruption at Pompeii.

All Of This (Gone): written on the way back from Winchester one beautiful evening.

Light: written on one of those ‘dark days’.

Who Could Say: a song about love and chance.

Hungry Ghosts: based on the Roman idea of a soul re-visiting its past home and trying to inhabit it. Anna has always been aware of ‘those who have been before’. It reminded her of those who have lost their homes and families through natural disasters such as the tsunami in Japan and war.

The Saints: written while on tour in Singapore, exploring the slightly darker side of life there.

Do You Ever Wonder?: based on the life of a modern day Nero.

Listen: based on a poem by the Greek poet Sappho, a modern day interpretation.

Try: the story of Eumachia and her search for meaning.

The River Man: Anna loves this track, it will be pretty epic when it’s finished! It is based on the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Have: the title isn’t finished, and the lyrics are still a work in progress, but when it’s done it will be the love story of Nero and Poppea and about loss.


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