Before “Miracle Day” arrives it’s time for “Children of Earth”

Posted: 3 July 2011 in television

Torchwood: Children of EarthBefore the new series of “Torchwood” arrives on the BBC on 14 July at 9pm in the shape of “Miracle Day”, there’s time to revisit the previous series: “Children of Earth”.

Bold, explosive and ambitious, this made for 5 nights of unmissable television back in the summer of 2009. The rules established for the series got thrown out of the window with the destruction of the Hub, the death of Ianto, Torchwood as the hunted not the hunters, and Jack’s deliberate sacrifice of his own grandson to defeat the repulsive and remorseless 456. At times I wish “Doctor Who” could go as dark as its offspring with its subject matter but then I suppose it wouldn’t be the series that we’ve known for nearly 50 years.

The ideal way to revisit the “Children of Earth” will be across 5 nights. And once again I shall prepare myself for the unforgettable moment where Ianto is killed. And, unlike Rory, he was dead as dead can be. “Torchwood”, especially in this 5 part epic, is often about living with the consequences of past actions and mistakes. But mistakes can be corrected sometimes…


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