Once the Ghost Protocol is initiated the macho posturing can begin

Posted: 11 July 2011 in film

Having seen the trailer for “Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol” it looks like there’s going to be more of the going-ons that filled the screens in the first 3 films in the series. Lots of fabulous international locales (Dubai, Russia amongst others), lots of glamour (Simon Pegg for starters!!!), lots of OTT action sequences (any of which would render a normal human dead), a convoluted labyrinth plot that makes no sense at all, and lots and lots of macho posturing from the leading man Mr Tom Cruise.

…And numerous close-ups of that inane grin that makes you want to pick up and cricket bat and keep hitting…

I’ll be waiting for the DVD sales when I can obtain a copy for far less than the price of a cinema ticket, and then pass it onto a charity shop when done.


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