Doctor Who: Let’s Kill Hitler – Series 6 Episode 8, Prequel – BBC One

Posted: 15 August 2011 in television
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  1. Mors_Kajak says:

    Got to admit, I’m still not sure what to make of this series of Who (largely because I don’t see how Grand Moff Steven’s insistence that the death of the Doctor in The Impossible Astronaut isn’t a cheat can possibly be true. Of course, the fact that Moffat has a better imagination than me is just one of the billions of reasons why he’s in charge of Who and not me, so I hoping and at least partially confident that I’m catastrophically wrong, there…)

    Is it just me, though, or is it all a bit soapy and too much about the Tardis crew rather than all of time and space (the UNIT era and Peter Davison’s overcrowded Tardis notwithstanding?)

    It probably is, to be fair, and I’ve muchly enjoyed your take on it so far — looking forward to what you make of 6.2…



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