The 11 incarnations of Doctor Who beautifully rendered as cats

Posted: 25 August 2011 in television
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In my life I have many objects of love, affection and interest and high on the list are “Doctor Who” and cats (others include books, Apple technology, wife). Now artist Jenny Parks has rendered the 11 incarnations of the Doctor using feline countenances. They are beautiful pictures. Check out more of her work here:

Doctor Who Cat - The First Doctor

1st Doctor: William Hartnell – 1963-1966

Doctor Who Cat - The Second Doctor

2nd Doctor: Patrick Troughton – 1966-1969

Doctor Who Cat - The Third Doctor

3rd Doctor: Jon Pertwee – 1970-1974

Doctor Who Cat - The Fourth Doctor

4th Doctor: Tom Baker – 1974-1981

Doctor Who Cat - The Fifth Doctor

5th Doctor: Peter Davison – 1981-1984

Doctor Who Cat - The Sixth Doctor

6th Doctor: Colin Baker – 1984-1986

Doctor Who Cat - The Seventh Doctor

7th Doctor: Sylvester McCoy – 1987-1989

Doctor Who Cat - The Eighth Doctor

8th Doctor: Paul McGann – 1996

Doctor Who Cat - The Ninth Doctor

9th Doctor: Christopher Eccleston – 2005

Doctor Who Cat - The Tenth Doctor

10th Doctor: David Tennant – 2005-2010

Doctor Who Cat - The Eleventh Doctor

11th Doctor: Matt Smith – 2010-2013


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