An Evening with Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer

Posted: 9 September 2011 in books, life, music
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An Evening with Neil Gaiman & Amanda PalmerTwo years ago this very day I had the pleasure of meeting Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer on an extremely informal basis. You would be hard pushed to encounter more charming and hospitable individuals that Neil and Amanda. Now they’re joining forces (which doubtless means that Mr Gaiman is doing exactly what Mrs Gaiman tells him to) to present a mini-tour through the western coast of North America starting in Los Angeles, USA, on Halloween and finishing in Vancouver, Canada, on 10 November.

The project is being funded as a Kickstarter project with pledges being rewarded with various paybacks including digital downloads of the evenings. As the blurb from Kickstarter puts it:

If you’re a fan of writer Neil Gaiman and musician Amanda Palmer, then you know that wherever each goes, fans will follow. Together, they’re embarking on a mini-tour combining words, songs, and magic. Exciting indeed, but apparently venues are not bigger on the inside. Not to worry – Neil and Amanda are making a live recording of the tour and releasing it to backers for just a dollar. Got several dollars? They’ve got that covered too.

It’s very tempting to get onto a plane for America and Canada and relive the magical chemistry of Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer. But as there’s an important element that I’m bereft of from that meeting two years ago it would be foolish to try and bottle the lightning twice just yet.

Go here to sign up for the Kickstarter project for An Evening with Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer


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