Aequitas – a Canadian film project of creativity and dedication to the medium

Posted: 13 October 2011 in film
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You might feel like me about the modern cinema blockbuster. On the whole these films are now poorly-acted, woefully-scripted, leadenly-acted, CGI-laden rubbish that Hollywood insists on churning out (usually “directed” by Michael Bay) with no thought of artistic value but simply box office returns.  So instead of handing your money over to see the next piece of inane nonsense starring Tom Cruise why not invest a few pounds/dollars/euros in a film project currently underway in Toronto, Canada. No superstar egos on show, simply dedicated and enthusiastic actors and crew working on a project with the slimmest budget possible because it excites them and fires their creative .

the Latin concept of justice, equality, conformity, symmetry, or fairness. 

The Story

Imagine a world where everyone is treated equally and the punishment fits the crime. No more, no less.

Regardless of age, race, or gender, social responsibility is the enforced norm rather than an ideal for a privileged few.

Aequitas follows one woman’s hellish journey through the justice system. Join her on her trek.

Starring Emily Schooley (The Dark Knight Rises, One Week in Windchocombe) this is an epic evolution you won’t soon forget.

The Impact

Aequitas is a moving, in-your-face social commentary about the current state of our justice system. How many crimes go unreported because of fear of police inaction?

How many false reports are acted on, causing physical and emotional damage to innocent people?

How many people have been beaten – or worse – by police, often unnecessarily?

Aequitas is a call to action. A call for society to open its eyes and push for change.

What We Need & What You Get

We need a total of $10,000 to see this through from start to finish. We have some gear, we have our script, and we have generous donations of space to build our set on and craft services from a great local establishment. We’re chomping at the bit to get started, but this is what we still need help with:

$4000 – covers the cost of remaining sound, lighting, and camera equipment we’ll need
$1750 – building of the unique set we need
$1250 – to give to our performers, many of whom are using special skills including weeks of gruelling combat choreography training. We wish we could give them more, but it’s a start until the film starts making money.
$1500 – rental of special vehicles needed for this production
$500 – wardrobe rental and special makeup effects
$1000 – post-production costs

Any donation helps us out, seriously. We want to prompt change, and we’d love for you to be along for the ride.

Visit the pledge website here and the Facebook Fan Page here.


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