A snowflake will not shatter a car windscreen

Posted: 18 January 2013 in life

As the snow descends upon Britain the astonishing inability of many, many, many vehicle drivers to cope with a few flakes of snow falling comes to the fore. For fuck’s sake you idiots, it’s a snowflake – it can’t shatter your windscreen, especially when you are crawling at the totally unrequited speed of 10mph. Granted vast quantities of the snow can cause visibility problems but in a light flurry, and upon striking the glass, it will melt and be brushed away into nothingness by a wiper. This means that a driver can see the gritted road ahead of them, discern that the slush means that the road is free of ice, and drive at more or less normal speed.


Even Captain Scott’s expedition to the South Pole coped better with the snow and ice than most of the drivers I witnessed today. And Scott and all his people died! It’s slush, drive over it. There isn’t a hidden crevice that would cause you and your beloved 4×4 to plunge into a fiery underworld. Why is it 4×4 drivers are pretty much the most useless in these snowy conditions? Their overly expensive petrol guzzling monstrosities should be best equipped yet it’s as if an army of nervous nuns have taken to the road.

Taking Miranda (my lovely motorcycle) out in these conditions is a no no as besides getting covered in all the shit thrown up by vehicle traversed snow I’d feel like a moving target for each and every numpty who can’t discern what the bloody hell a motorcycle is. These idiots are bad enough in normal weather so I’d be in vastly more trouble. Why is it so many drivers can’t comprehend that a vehicle can move at speed on two wheels. And we have our lights on all the time as it’s built into modern motorcycles that when the ignition is turned on the front and back illuminations come to life at the same time.


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