The Kennedy Experiment

Posted: 18 January 2013 in life
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Emma KennedyThankfully I was able to overcome the vagaries of mood that seem to be part and parcel of my bipolar and made it to Brighton for On the Sofa with Emma Kennedy. Too often I bail on social events as I find the prospect of an unfamiliar environment full of strangers an overwhelming prospect. Twice on the drive down I nearly bailed and turned around. Bloody glad I kept going as it proved to be an entertaining evening from Emma, including an insight into how the ending of The Killing III had to be fudged when an actor refused to say the lines assigned. It wasn’t Sofie Gråbøl who caused the ructions.

One of the best parts of the evening (apart from getting a hug and a peck from Emma after she recognised my Twitter name) was learning how she got into the writing game. She’d been a litigation solicitor for several years, wasn’t enjoying it, and decided to jack it all in to try and be a writer.

Emma set herself the discipline of writing 15 minutes every day on a blog. No editing, no revisitation of words spewed out, no grand design – just thoughts onto the electronic page. And she did that for 4 years – and the result was a book based on it. Her first book.

Now I’m not intending to do the same for the same amount of time but I thought it’d be an interesting experiment to do a 15 minute stream of whatever each day. No matter how I’m feeling. High or low I will attempt to spew words out.

It’s a slight change of direction for the blog but one that I think is needed. The considered, research, redrafted several times “musings” will continue to appear (Skyfall likely around the time of the DVD/Blu-ray release in mid-February 2013) but let’s try the random typing for a time.

And so this will be The Kennedy Experiment in honour of the inspirer of it. This’ll be interesting as I’m so so used to revisiting everything I “scribble” multiple times before hitting “Publish Post”

Ah, yes…the bipolar…not covered that yet but there’s bound to be lots of ramblings coming forth soon.


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