I don’t like Saturdays

Posted: 19 January 2013 in health, life

Not the best of days and as a consequence not easy to find something to blather on about. This is likely to be a short post taking a good 15 minutes to type as my brain struggles to grasp words.

One of those days where the darker side of the bipolar has taken control and rendered me rather bloody useless in terms of achieving anything more productive than crawling off the bed to locate cups of tea and munchies. Tartan blanket and Scooby-Doo are excellent support mechanisms in those moods. Saturdays are never a good day for me. Often this day of the week sees me at my lowest – though of course if hypomania is in the ascendence then low doesn’t come into play.

Let’s see if I can be more productive tomorrow. It’s Costa and Observer day so that normally gets the little grey cells moving.


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