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Posted: 20 January 2013 in entertainment, HI! Magazine, life, television, theatre
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HI! Magazine From the start of 2013 I am contributing articles to the Entertainment section of HI! MagazineEK McAlpine, the new Editor-in-Chief, is someone I follow on Twitter and when she started asking for volunteers to contribute I cheekily put myself forward – being quite surprised at being told that my pieces on this blog showed me to be a good writer. Self-confidence about what I “scribble” about has never been one of my strong suits and probably never will be.  Anyways, I have now contributed two articles to HI! and hopefully there’s more to come.

The first piece was about the Guildford Shakespeare Company entitled An Ode to the Guildford Shakespeare Company. The second, and most recent, is part of HI! Recommends: The Best Film and TV Show Marathons and I wrote about Patrick McGoohan’s The Prisoner.

The main trial of writing to someone else’s “vision” is having to adjust my “voice”. On this blog I can ramble about anything and everything with no word count, no structure, and no restraints. Writing for HI! is a different kettle of fish and it’s a good learning curve for wanting to take my writing further.

  1. The Prisoner is a great choice!

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