Sherlock Holmes deserved a decent proofreader

Posted: 22 January 2013 in entertainment, television

Over the last few days I’ve been enjoying a trawl through the DVDs of the majestic Granada Sherlock Holmes adaptations starring the late Jeremy Brett as Holmes, with David Burke and Edward Hardwicke assuming the role of Dr Watson at separate points in time. However, each time I take the box set off the shelves I get mildly snarked at the inability of whoever was chosen to do the proofreading of the blurb. It’s niggling but inaccuracy drives me nuts…

The Crooked Man has become A Crooked Man; The Red-Headed League transformed into The Redheaded LeagueThe Devil’s Foot is now The Devils Foot; The Bruce-Partington Plans lost its hyphen and rendered singular as The Bruce Partington Plan; rather than plural; and finally Shoscombe Old Place transformed into The Adventure of Shoscombe Old Place as per the original short story title rather than the TV episode.

Also, it was not a ITV1 series – at the times of original transmission the network was named ITV and John Thaw appeared in Inspector Morse not Morse.

It’s just plain bloody sloppiness and it’s annoying. Imagine the uproar if a book was littered with such inaccuracies – though if it were a Dan Brown tome then a beneficial side effect could be literary improvement. It’s easy enough to check these things – just look at the opening credits of the episodes. There were 41 of them and locating the title would take less than a minute. So a proper job done within the hour and this customer would have been much happier.


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