Being sought out raises the self-esteem

Posted: 23 January 2013 in life

Seeking work is almost as arduous and time-consuming as actual work. It’s also nibbles away at the soul with the lack of response and success. Multiple email alerts arriving each day from the various job seeking websites that need to be sifted through in hunt of tasty morsels of potential employment and monetary income. Then comes the rigmarole of sending off CVs, with the expectation of never hearing anything ever again. I’ve given up keeping the automated emails that acknowledge receipt of the application.

Job seeking is akin to panning for gold in the English Channel using a thimble. The crappiness of job seeking websites at complying with programmed search criteria soon becomes blindingly obvious. With a search filter of opportunities within 20 miles of Woking the government’s all-singing, all-dancing job seeking website has previously returned opportunities in areas such as Sheffield, Liverpool and Nottingham. Perhaps the mandarins in Whitehall have a contract with Apple Maps and not Google Maps?

In the last few days the self-esteem has been lifted a tad by several recruitment agencies contacting me out of the blue requesting permission to pass on my CV onto clients whose jobs they feel I may be suited to. Granted there may be a certain amount of brown-nosing involved in them telling me that I have a strong résumé but it’s good for the morale to believe that someone finds you worthwhile even for a brief window of time. And fuck knows my low self-esteem, dented morale and deflated ego could do with raising, knocking-out and inflating as much as possible as the dark days of a horrific anniversary approach.


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