Writer’s block needs moments of inspiration to overcome

Posted: 25 January 2013 in life
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Writer’s block is a unequalled buggering pain. I’m no Neil Gaiman or Douglas Adams (as my bank balance and non-production of books will attest) but I love to be able to get the swirling myriad of words lurking in my brain onto an electronic or paper page. At present I’m attempting to get a Skyfall review out of my little grey cells and it’s not happening very well but I think I’m on the verge of partial success. Often it’s a question of finding a hook to base all the other words around.

For Skyfall it looks like it’s going to be the references to Ulysses and The Fighting Temerarie. The former features a hero who yearns for adventure once more despite having the possibility of a safe settled life before him, and the latter captures the final moments of a distinguished ship of the line heading to the breaker’s yard. Both parallel an ageing Bond seemingly becoming obsolete and that is my hook. The series is 50 years old and trying to be as fresh now as it was in 1962.

Of course I could get to a certain point in proceedings and say “oh fuck it” and try and start again.


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