Able to give Miranda a good ride

Posted: 28 January 2013 in life
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Sorry, this isn’t about sex with a lady named Miranda. I’m sure you can find other websites featuring sex with a lady named Miranda. This Miranda is my lovely motorcycle.

Thankfully the ice and snow of the last week or so has finally abated and I felt confident enough to safely take Miranda out onto the roads once more. I’d not risked it during the cold snap as it would have been extra bloody freezing, fraught with drowning in all the slush, and the great nemesis that are car drivers are even more crap in snow.

When riding a motorcycle I find that I am much more aware of my surroundings. I’m not isolated from anything by the environs of a car. Plus there is excellent sound from an iPod inside the helmet. I can’t hear a fucking thing when riding a motorcycle because of rushing air so why not replace it with something more pleasant. For 2013 I have decided that I need to listen to the Doctor Who and other plays from Big Finish as I travel around the countryside.

One of the biggest chores about using a motorcycle in the winter is all the extra padding that has to be donned. Thermal long johns, thermal t-shirt, extra scarf. I’m beginning to understand how a knight of old felt climbing into all that armour ahead of a joust.


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