Hopefully brain zombification is calming down a little

Posted: 28 January 2013 in health
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When I was diagnosed as having bipolar at the back end of last year I was taken off the medication I’d been taking for the unipolar and placed on Quetiapine. This medication is an “atypical antipsychotic” and one of the newer ones used in the treatment of bipolar, tackling both the manic and depressive aspects of the illness. For the first few weeks I was placed on an initial dosage of 200mg. Quite frankly it left me completely zonked out on most days and left me feeling as though I’d had 10 minutes sleep and that my brain had been stolen by the Spanish Inquisition (whom no one ever expects). Too low a dosage of this particular antipsychotic can frequently have zombification side effects.

When I saw the psychiatrist earlier this month for a follow-up she took note of the zombification effects of the dosage and upped it to 300mg, which I believe is the more usual dosage. It’s been a couple of weeks now on the higher dosage and I think I’m beginning to feel the benefits as I now longer feel like one of the premiere walking dead every morning. Just one of the standard walking dead like anyone else who has been forced to leave their warm comfy duvet.

I’ve also learnt when it’s best to take the Quetiapine. Within 90 minutes of taking the medication I am a near-unconscious wreck who makes little sense and needs to pee before going to bed. Some might say that’s normal for me late in the evening.


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