Observing the Shufflers

Posted: 3 February 2013 in health, life

Shufflers are the slowest incarnation of joggers. They move so slowly that they are the merest hair breadth away from ceasing motion and going backwards in time. And the vast majority of them appear to be older than octogenarians and defying death with every laboured motion of their shuffling legs. Covering their exercise route must take forever and dust surely has to gather upon them. At that time of life I think it’s time for them to admit that exercise isn’t going to stave off the arrival of the Grim Reaper and that relaxing in front of the telly with a warm cup of something is the better option.

Today I saw the all-time classic Shuffler. 80 if she was a day, florescent vest that is surely detectable by the International Space Station, and shorts exposing classic knobbly knees. In the midst of her laboured shuffling she was expending energy that should have been devoted to breathing by talking into her mobile phone. Presumably she was arranging for an ambulance to take her the rest of the way home…

  1. yourothermotherhere says:

    Funny and kind of sad too.

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