A fuck-off creepy message has arrived via Google Plus

Posted: 11 February 2013 in life, social networking
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Personally I think this message I received via Google Plus is a very “fuck off you strange person”. In fact I must have had an inkling this person was a weirdo as I blocked them over there on Google Plus many many moons ago when the name first popped up in my timeline thingy. What do you think? Subject line of the message is Message via your Google Profile: almost like twin Brothers.

Hi Ian Sadler, From Ian Clayton Sadler. / sport52ufo@gmail.com. I am sending you this e-mail Because i used to look like you when i was in my early 20’s. hope i can stay in contact with you it maybe be an answer i have been looking for my whole life The similarities between us are unreal. If you want to contact me and find out more info etc. I will leave it up to you Ian Sadler.

The notification was appended with: This message was sent to you from your Google profile. The sender does not have your email address. Well thank fuck for that I say as my “this person scores maximum on a weirdo scale” sixth sense is positively afire!

Feel free to email that address and ask WTF?! Though I’m not as it’d mean giving away my email address and that way lies grade A weirdness.


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