Starting a new blog specifically about my bipolar

Posted: 6 February 2014 in health
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For the longest time I’ve been blogging about my bipolar here. In amongst all the geeky musings came occasional bits and pieces about how fucked my brain could be. Kind of takes the edge of enjoyment of geekdom to have “my brain feels completely buggered” articles scattered around. So it’s time to pull the bipolar out of geekdom and blog about them separately. And so is born Bipolar Realm

Today, Thursday 6 February 2014, is Time to Talk Day – an initiative from the leading mental health organisation Time to Change:

24 hours in which to start conversations about mental health, raise awareness and share the message that mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, neither is talking about it.

So it seemed an apt time to get myself sorted and start conversing properly about bipolar, how it’s affected my life and how it continues to impact upon my everyday life. At times it could be NSFW as I may well be frank about this, that and the other. I’d considered blogging anonymously, but removing the stigma from discussing mental health issues works best when people stand up to be counted and listened to without hiding behind shields (though I can fully understand why so many sufferers do).

I’ll be cribbing previously published bipolar-related material from here to get Bipolar Realm up and running. And then I’ll start posting new mental health material very soon.

Time to Talk Day - Join the conversation


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