Major Pink Floyd exhibition coming soon

Posted: 22 February 2014 in music

With the release of a teaser trailer the buildup to a major Pink Floyd exhibition has begun: The Pink Floyd Exhibition – Their Mortal Remains.  Keep an eye on

  1. jcrowe79 says:

    LOVE FLOYD, can’t stand David Gilmore at the moment right now because Waters has apologized and Gilmore still keeps them separate. Damn Gilmore. Saw Waters do Darkside of the Moon and the Wall. The Wall is by far my number 1 concert EVER!!!!!!! Speaks to me on so many levels.

    • Ian Sadler says:

      As 2015 is the 50th anniversary of Floyd there’s been all sorts of rumours about possible new album, celebratory gig, etc. I don’t think there will be. Be nice if “Their Mortal Remains” came to the UK. Although Waters and Gilmour get on far better these days I think both of them now view the group as the past.

      “The Dark Side of the Moon” with its themes of mental health and alienation strikes a chord with me. Have references to their lyrics in my pieces over at

      Have a friend who’s part of a really good tribute band Rethink Floyd. Did a review of one of their gigs

      • jcrowe79 says:

        I had never listened close enough or thought hard enough about the lyrics of dark side of the moon. Now I’m going to have to pop on my iTunes and go from start to finish.

        I have always been very taken with the Wall. I love the message of what conformity does to us individually and to us as a society.

        If you live in the UK I’m even more jealous! Hubby and I traveled to London and I was doing everything I could for awhile to figure out how we could move there. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! And I loved the people.

      • Ian Sadler says:

        South of London. Halfway between the city and the south coast.

        Several of the Pink Floyd albums after “The Dark Side of the Moon” (besides “The Wall” which is basically an audio novel) have a linking theme, a concept. “Wish You Were Here” is about absence and “The Division Bell” is about communication. I like albums that are audio anthologies rather than just a random collection of tunes.

  2. jacky says:

    is the pink floyd exhibition coming to the uk.

    • Ian Sadler says:

      Presently the only announced location is Milan between 19 September and 19 October this year. Hopefully it’ll come to the UK as, after all, Pink Floyd are a British band.

  3. Ian Sadler says:

    Literally just been announced. No dates or locations yet. Keep watching the website. “Their Mortal Remains” is a great title. 2015 is 50th anniversary year for Pink Floyd so perhaps this is leading to other celebratory events.

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