New Doctor Who Series 8 trailer. And the anticipation remains zero…

Posted: 5 July 2014 in entertainment, television
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“I see into your soul Doctor”…

A second trailer for the return of Doctor Who on 23 August 2014 has been released. A whole 19 seconds this time compared to the previous trailer’s 15 seconds… And yet again I’m left with zero anticipation for the series’ return.

Aside from more damage being wrought upon the TARDIS console, and a look inside the Doctor’s anatomy, the trailer’s sole purpose seems to be the revealing of the Daleks returning to face Peter Capaldi’s Doctor. Many have said that the voice sounds like Julian Bleach’s Davros from The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End, but to my ear it definitely sounds like Nicholas Briggs, who’s done all the Dalek voices since Doctor Who was revived in 2005.

Here’s hoping that the Daleks are once more a force to be reckoned with and a classic along the lines of The Daleks’ Master Plan, The Evil of the Daleks or Genesis of the Daleks can be produced. Though it doesn’t seem likely given the recent scripting track record of Moffat’s era.


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