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Filming on Spooks: The Greater Good, the continuation of the BBC’s acclaimed Spooks, has begun in London.

Spooks TGG - Harry and Will

Peter Firth is returning as the legendary Sir Harry Pearce. Quite right too. Any Spooks production without Harry is unthinkable. And in Spooks: The Greater Good his back is to the wall more than ever when a terrorist escapes from MI5’s custody and vanishes. With his professional reputation tarnished Harry is last seen jumping from a bridge into the Thames…

Attempting to locate the missing terrorist and discern the truth behind Harry’s disappearance is the spy chief’s former protege Will Crombie (Kit Harington, best known as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones). Other cast members include Jennifer Ehle (Pride and Prejudice, Zero Dark Thirty) as Geraldine Maltby and Tuppence Middleton (The Lady Vanishes and Spies of Warsaw) as June.

Three months of filming under the guidance of director Bharat Nalluri (veteran of the original TV series) will see the production visit locations in London, Berlin and Moscow, as well as Pinewood Studios.

Since Spooks concluded as a television endeavour in 2011 the world of spies, terrorism and intelligence gathering has evolved to new levels. As Nalluri explained: “When we closed the show in 2011, thinking we’d mined everything, but then it kick-started again. You’ve got Julian Assange hanging out in the Ecuadorian embassy, Chelsea Manning, guys grinding computer discs in The Guardian’s basement, home-grown Jihadists, email hacking, spying on the Germans, Syria… it’s an unbelievable stew.”

Let’s hope Spooks: The Greater Good doesn’t don’t do a Skyfall and kill off the spy chief.

Spooks: The Greater Good is scheduled for release in 2015.

More information can be found over at Empire Magazine.


Launching on Good Friday 2014 (18 April) with the very first story An Unearthly Child the Horror Channel will start transmitting a special season of classic Doctor Who stories from the era of the first seven Doctors.


Other adventures to be shown include The Mind Robber, Terror of the Autons, The Brain of Morbius, The Caves of Androzani, Attack of the Cybermen and Remembrance of the Daleks.

To accompany the season the Horror Channel has released a brilliant animated trailer complete with narration from Tom Baker, the Fourth Doctor himself.

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