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And then there was one: the passing of Merly

Posted: 13 August 2012 in life

MerlyYesterday my beautiful and beloved cat Merlot passed away. Taken from the land of the living in a cruel and unfair blink of an eye. One moment she was there and the next her uniqueness had gone. All indications point to a massive stroke. From birth Merlot had never been the healthiest of animals and there had been numerous visits to the vet to get anemia and other issues under control. Given that she was on a maintenance dose of steroids, had put weight on and appeared generally settled and healthy all had been looking good for Merlot. But once again the universe decided to deal out a horrific hand.

Goodbye Merly. You were and are loved so so much.


Shakespeare QuotesI come, Graymalkin!
Macbeth 1.1.8, Second Witch

Just when it seems life can’t get any weirder…it goes and gets weirder…there’s been a grave robbery…

When Smudge the cat passed away 4 weeks ago she was buried at the top of the garden, wrapped in an old shirt of mine. On top of her resting place was put a flower pot and a stone otter (Olly).

Today I discovered that the grave had been dug up with the shirt and the otter lying by the side of it and Smudge missing. In the 30 or so years that pets have been laid to rest in the garden grave robbery has never occurred before. The most likely culprits are the two young foxes that wander around at night. Less likely explanations involve a very sick human agency, or a mysterious resurrection…

Tragic news to blight the morning…one of my 3 cats has passed away suddenly…

Smudge didn’t come in overnight, which wasn’t anything unusual, and so I wasn’t too concerned. But then came the knock at the door from the neighbours earlier this morning – enquiring whether I was missing one of my grey and white cats…

Smudge was lying quite peacefully by the neighbours’ shed. Wet, stiff, a fleck of of blood on her lip, no life in the once-oh so lively eyes. In all probability she was clipped by a car whilst crossing the lane outside the house and then continued on as far as she could.

It’s not been a good time over the last few months. In the proper scheme of life Smudge would never been living here and certainly wouldn’t have died here.

Smudge has been laid to rest at the top of the garden. Her sisters Merlot and Pinot have sniffed around her and realised that no longer will there be 3 of them to drive me potty.

And then there were 2…

Early morning bloggage

Posted: 27 April 2011 in life

4.30am. The last time I was awake this early, discounting illness, was to depart for a holiday in Malta. Far different reasons on this occasion…One of my uncles died a couple of weeks ago from cancer and my mother is departing for Lincoln at 5am for his funeral service later in the day.

The cats are totally confused by the early morning activity…but then again the cats are normally confused by any activity, especially their own…

Merly is getting under feet, squeaking as only felines can, and being bribed with treats to get out from under said feet – so pretty much business as normal for her…

Pinot is sat on a window sill watching the activity with a mildly dazed expression…

Smudge has spent 30 minutes wandering around like a fart in a trance, including a brief spell sat in the bathroom basin (no water in residence at the time) and now seems to be settling down to sleep once again.

Pinot, Smudge and Merlot (3 sisters) and Korky (one grand feline matriarch). Without cats a house is not a home. So, my temporary domicile can be considered a home 4 times over at present. Not quite a mental home for me but who knows what is destined to be for me in the days yet to come…The Good, the Bad or the Ugly???

Pinot, the Batty…black and white cat, looks at Korky confused as though looking into the future by 10 years and seeing herself aged. Tendency to sleep in the clothes basket on the landing. Always best to check before throwing socks into the receptacle late at night and running the risk of annoying the young dozing feline.

Smudge, the Fatty…grey and white cat, sits like a furry Buddha and enjoys sampling the food from all the bowls laid out in the kitchen, hallway and lounge. Tendency to sleep on an exercise mat at the moment, which is ironic considering the size of her. Traces of ginger colouring seeping through the grey fur for some reason.

Merlot, the Scatty…another grey and white cat, but more sleek and refined than her blunderpuss of a sister Smudge. Tendency to jump at any noise is far less than in times past but still scatty about sudden movements. Seems to view Korky as a mother figure, which is good as she is lacking that at present.

Korky…the non-Ratty…the black and white feline matriarch of the residence. After years of sole attention she suddenly had 3 strangers thrust upon her. A few hisses and swipes and then all well. Amazing how well she has accepted the 3 whippersnappers. Sees Pinot as herself young, Merlot as a charge to be watched over, Smudge as, well, Smudge…

Whatever lies ahead for me and loved ones, here are 4 cats living in harmony together in their home for years to come. The mind is eased at knowing that happiness and non-confusion lies ahead for them. I wish the same could be said of other creatures walking the planet.

A feline point of view

Posted: 29 September 2010 in life

A special report from feline correspondent Merlot (aka Merls, Merly Moo, Merly Woo Woo) on her continuing observation of primitive members of the unaware and soon-to-be conquered human species.

Date: Today
Time: 7.20am
Location: Bathroom

Lifted out of the bath where I’d been happily sleeping by the big hairy human male codenamed Ian. Sat on toilet seat whilst he started the shower running. He then proceeded to spend the next 10 minutes washing all over his body with various liquids that frothed alarmingly before being washed off.

Why do humans spend so much time and effort in cleaning themselves? Some spend a fortune in liquids, sprays and powders that fill the air alarmingly.

We secret dominators of the earth have cleanliness down to a fine art. Scratch behind the ears using back feet, and stick the tongue up the arse to remove the claggy bits.