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The exact circumstances behind Christopher Eccleston’s departure from Doctor Who​ after just one series remain unknown. From various interviews he’s given over the last decade it seems clear that there was a clash between himself and members of the production team over the working ethos of the programme that left him uncomfortable and not prepared to carry on.

On the one hand fans praise him for his performance as the Ninth Doctor and his key role in reviving the series, and then on the other they lambast him for his short tenure and non-participation in The Day of the Doctor.

The most recent titbit about his departure emerged in this interview on Radio 4’s Loose Ends where he mentions that “myself and three other individuals at the top of the pyramid clashed”. Whether this is a reference to Executive Producers Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner, and Producer Phil Collinson, is unclear and Eccleston quite properly refuses to elaborate as those concerned aren’t present to put their view of events.

Each and every time Eccleston has been quizzed about his departure from Doctor Who he’s behaved in a professional and courteous manner on a subject that he must be tiring of after a decade. Granted he’s on occasion ended an interview when the subject has been raised but this would come after the interviewer had been specifically requested beforehand not to mention Doctor Who. If the agreed rules of the game are broken then Eccleston has every right to walk. As he mentions in this interview (in which he’s very relaxed and lighthearted when the subject of Doctor Who is raised) everyone should concentrate at the fact that he turned up in the first place not that he left. He also reaffirmed that he actively pursued Russell T Davies for the chance to portray the Doctor, and that one of the reasons for this was his desire to play a role that appealed to children.

One day Christopher Eccleston will give an interview that reveals definitively why he only did 13 episodes of Doctor Who and then left the Ninth Doctor firmly in the past. But that will come when he’s ready and when he’s discussed the matter with the other parties concerned. Until that day fans should simply enjoy the era of the Ninth Doctor.

And when the 60th anniversary special of Doctor Who arrives I’d put money on the presence of Christopher Eccleston’s fantastic Ninth Doctor.


Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor will debut on Saturday 23 August 2014 in a feature-length episode scripted by showrunner Steven Moffat entitled Deep Breath. What a dull title. And the news is accompanied by a truly insipid picture and trailer…

Twelfth Doctor trailer

Deep Breath may be the worst Doctor Who story title ever. It’s, well…just bloody dull. Whatever happened to attention-grabbing titles such as The Web of Fear, Carnival of MonstersThe Robots of Death. You were left waiting for a fearful web, a collection of monsters, and many deadly robots. Here you will be waiting for someone to breath? Possibly deeply?

More and more I can’t help but feel that Peter Capaldi, a massive Doctor Who fan since childhood, has inherited seriously damaged goods as his era begins. Controversy about misogynistic attitudes in recent scripts continues to dog Moffat, the quality of stories has declined over the course of the 2012/2013 series and 2013 specials, and the current companion Clara (Jenna Coleman) is one of the most underdeveloped and just plain uninterestingly wooden in the 51 year history of the series.

Even the publicity that’s supposed to get the blood pumping in excitement for the imminent adventures of the Twelfth Doctor is pretty poor. The just-released picture of the new Doctor and Clara seems to suffering from Photoshop overload with the Doctor seemingly about to launch into The Time Warp given his hands on his hips like that. And the accompanying trailer “Am I a good man?” leaves one cold.

As a Doctor Who fan since the Jon Pertwee era (my first memory is of the Third Doctor pulling the face off the policeman Auton at the end of episode one of Terror of the Autons) I’m seriously worried about just how absent my anticipation is for the arrival of Series 8. The Day of the Doctor and The Time of the Doctor were unmitigated disasters and nothing about Moffat’s continuing involvement into the Twelfth Doctor’s era leaves me hugely concerned about the continuing decline of the greatest science fiction series in the world.

And don’t get me started on the idiotic reasons behind having to call the Twelfth Doctor the fourteenth incarnation rather than the twelfth incarnation…

Here’s the naff, nay bloody awful, trailer.

And then compare with the trailer that built anticipation for the arrival of Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor, The Trip of a Life Time. In just 50 seconds Russell T Davies had fans screaming for 21st century Doctor Who to begin. Nine years later we’re getting a whimper, not a bloody big bang.

Well Steven Moffat. We loyal and trusting Doctor Who fans patiently saved the day. We spread the much publicised hashtag #SaveTheDay across social media, and throughout space and time. We were delighted when Doctor Who took over television as promised in the run up to the anniversary itself. And what did we get on 23 November 2013 as a reward for our patience, anticipation and adulation? The Day of the Doctor. The special adventure to celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who. One of the worst episodes ever.

I’ve been running all my lives… through time and space. Every second of every minute of every day for over nine hundred years. I fought for peace in a universe at war. Now the time has come to face the choices I made in the name of the Doctor. Our future depends on one single moment of one impossible day. The day I’ve been running from all my life. The day of the Doctor.

The Day of the Doctor - 12 incarnations

Earning a Guinness World Record for the world’s largest ever simulcast of a TV drama The Day of the Doctor was broadcast by the BBC simultaneously in 94 countries and six continents. It was also shown in 3D in 1500 cinemas where fans dressed up and created huge levels of excitement akin to conventions. An unparalleled global event to celebrate 50 years of the Doctor’s seemingly eternal adventure in space and time.

Just one fundamental flaw with The Day of the Doctor

The Day of the Doctor is bad. The Day of the Doctor is really bad. The Day of the Doctor is really really really bad. It lurks in the depths of all-time hideous Doctor Who clunkers alongside Time-Flight, Timelash, Time and the Rani, and Love & Monsters. (more…)

Every so often Doctor Who pulls off an instance of shock that leaves the viewer gasping like a floundering fish and barely managing to utter “What? What?! WHAT?!”. The Doctor’s first regeneration in The Tenth Planet; the Cybermen slamming into shot for the cliffhanger ending to part one of Earthshock; and the Doctor’s seemingly unannounced regeneration at the close of Journey’s End. All moments of unheralded surprise that befuddled, delighted and provoked national and global discussion in their wake. Now added to this list of joyful occurrences comes Paul McGann’s onscreen return as the Eighth Doctor in The Night of the Doctor.

I’m a Doctor. Probably not the one you were expecting.

The Night of the Doctor - I'm a Doctor


A year long celebration of Doctor Who at BFI Southbank. Includes a special preview of Mark Gatiss’ new TV drama An Adventure in Time and Space and a newly colour restored screening of The Mind of Evil, starring Jon Pertwee. More info here.

BFI Doctor Who 50th anniversary

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