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Shakespeare Quotes The many-headed multitude.
Coriolanus 2.3.16-17, one citizen to another


Shakespeare QuotesThy ancient malice.
Coriolanus 4.5.99, Coriolanus to his enemy Aufidius

Shakespeare Quotes What is the city but the people?
Coriolanus 3.1.199, Sicinius to Senators and Plebeians

Shakespeare Quotes What custom wills, in all things should we do’y,
The dust on antique time would lie unswwpt
And mountainous error be too highly heaped
For truth to o’erpeer
Coriolanus 2.3.117-20, Coriolanus’ bitter attack on the stifling effects of custom.

Shakespeare QuotesI shall be loved when I am lacked.
Coriolanus 4.1.15, Coriolanus to his wife and mother