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Shakespeare QuotesThe country cocks do crow, the clocks do toll.
Henry V 4.0.15, Chorus, describing the morning of the battle of Agincourt


Shakespeare QuotesOh for a muse of fire!
Henry V Prologue 1, Chorus

You want reasons to keep the BBC untouched? Here’s a damn good one. Seriously doubt you’d ever get televised Shakespeare on anything owned by Murdoch…

As part of the Shakespeare Unlocked season exploring how one man captured so much about what it means to be human, the BBC is staging new adaptations of Shakespeare’s History Plays, Richard II, Henry IV Parts 1 & 2, and Henry V.

And what actors have been assembled…

Shakespeare Quotes Now sits expectation in the air.
Henry V 2.0.8, Chorus

Shakespeare Quotes Every subject’s duty is the King’s, but every subject’s soul is his own.
Henry V 4.1.174-5, Henry, incognito, to Michael Williams and John Bates

Shakespeare QuotesWe few, we happy few, we band of brothers.
Henry V 4.3.60, Henry to Westmorland

Shakespeare QuotesHe today that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother, be he ne’er so vile.
Henry V 4.3.61-2, Henry to Westmorland