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Bipolar Disorder - it's like having an amusement park in your head


I hate being bipolar. It's totally awesome.

This two-part documentary investigates the reality of living with bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression.

Comedian, actor, author and film-maker Stephen Fry meets celebrities and members of the public who talk frankly about the impact the condition has on their lives.

During the two programmes, Stephen Fry talks in detail about his own experience of having bipolar disorder. He recounts his suicide attempt after walking out of the West End play Cellmates in 1995, and the continuing severe mood swings he has to endure.

Stephen interviews other celebrities with bipolar, including Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher, Hollywood star Richard Dreyfus and British comedians Tony Slattery and Jo Brand.

He also meets ordinary people and their families coping with the condition and talks to them about some of the possible triggers. They all speak candidly about how bipolar disorder has affected their day-to-day lives.


Bipolar - I have Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder - The Ultimate GuideOver the past year or so Bipolar Disorder – The Ultimate Guide has become my “bible” for dealing with the complex issues that surround bipolar disorder. For the first time ever I have made annotations in a book as it bought so many questions and issues to mind. Whether you’re dealing with your own bipolar, or trying to understand how it affects a friend or loved one, then I thoroughly recommend this book as a primary source of information.

Written in an easy-to-navigate question-and-answer format, this useful and compassionate guide explores and explains absolutely everything that someone with bipolar disorder (and those who live with and love them) needs to know about the condition: from how to recognise the symptoms to how to deal with stigma in the workplace. Drawing on a broad range of expert opinion, the very latest research, numerous real-life voices, and their own personal experience of bipolar in their family, Sarah Owen and Amanda Saunders offer practical advice and emotional support to inform and empower anyone whose life has ever been touched by bipolar disorder.

Sarah Owen has been a health journalist for UK newspapers and glossy magazines, such as Psychologies and Cosmopolitan, for fourteen years.

Amanda Saunders has worked as an editor and writer for The National Childbirth Trust in the UK for the last eleven years.

The authors are cousins and three members of their close family have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

“This excellent new guide to bipolar is structured around the kind of key questions that anyone encountering the condition for the first time would want to ask.” Pendulum – The Journal of MDF The Bipolar Organisation

“With its useful glossary and many in-line notes of explanation, this book could provide a good initial orientation to bipolar disorder for the newly-diagnosed, their families and carers.” Your Voice – Member magazine of mental health charity “Rethink”

“I wish that this superb book had been around when I was growing up with a father with bipolar. It is packed with practical advice for those with the condition and their families on every aspect of the illness – and some astonishing first-hand accounts. It will provide a huge amount of comfort – and help.” Martin Townsend, Editor of the Sunday Express and author of  The Father I Had

“Should I ever worry about myself or another close family member developing the condition, this book will answer any questions that I might have in the most friendly and uncomplicated style. It really is Bipolar Disorder – the Ultimate Guide that stands as a unique and approachable reference book for those with the condition and their loved ones.” Jo Crocker, sister and PA to Stephen Fry – the actor, broadcaster, director, and writer, who talks openly about his own bipolar diagnosis