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Shakespeare QuotesFrom the crown of his head to the sole of his foot he is all mirth.
Much Ado About Nothing 3.2.8-9, Don Pedro to Claudio, of Benedick


Shakespeare QuotesWhat his heart thinks his tongue speaks.
Much Ado About Nothing 3.2.13, Don Pedro to Claudio, of Benedick

Shakespeare Quotes Friendship is constant in all other things
Save in the office and affairs of love.
Much Ado About Nothing, Claudio

Shakespeare Quotes What a deformed thief this fashion is.
Much Ado About Nothing 3.3.135-6, Borachio to Conrade

Shakespeare QuotesLet every eye negotiate for itself,
And trust no agent.
Much Ado About Nothing 2.1.169-70, Claudio

Shakespeare QuotesWhich is the villain? Let me see his eyes,
That when I note another man like him
I may avoid him.
Much Ado About Nothing 5.1.251-3, Leonardo.