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Popular and White On White is association with Shatterjapan are hosting a FREE PUSSY RIOT fundraiser at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen on Sunday 9th September.

Featuring Peggy Sue, Skinny Girl Diet, Neurotic Mass Movement, She Makes War, New Young Pony Club (DJ), Esben And The Witch (DJ), Night Works (DJ), Vuvuvultures (DJ), Zoetrope (DJ) + more.
With speakers including Kerry McCarthy MP, Penny Arcade, Lisa Gornick, Pratibha Parmar + more tba.

More info here

Free Pussy Riot fundraiser


Shot in South London in March 2012 on Canon 7D.

Directed by Laura Kidd. DOP, Edit & Grading – Jamie Worsfold. Hair & Makeup – Robyn Coyne. Malevolent Spirit – Milly McGregor. Red bow – Lex Wood

None of that “difficult second album syndrome” for She Makes War as Little Battles delivers 15 tracks of diverse and experimental music imparted with confidence and passion across 48 minutes in a triumphantly polished package. This is unquestionably my favourite album of recent months and stands heads and shoulders above disappointing high-profile material such as Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto.

Dubbed by the BBC as a member of The Twitter Elite alongside internationally acclaimed writer Neil Gaiman, She Makes War is the solo project of vocalist and multi-instrument performer Laura Kidd and with Little Battles she maintains the high production values established with debut album Disarm (which I enthused about here). At every stage of the production process Laura has given her all to this album. Even the loss of a day in the studio due to the London Riots wasn’t able to dampen Laura’s enthusiasm. Seriously, this girl works too bloody hard! Even the cover by Marnie Pitts is a gorgeous piece of artistry that deserves to hang in a gallery as a work of art on its own merit.

She Makes War - Little Battles cover art © Marnie Pitts

She Makes War - Little Battles cover art © Marnie Pitts

Whilst a picture may be worth a thousand words, music can produce up a veritable pinacotheca within the mind and Little Battles conjures up thousands of vistas and tales to amuse and entertain the listener. If released on vinyl the album could easily have one side labelled Exuberance and the other Introspection. It’s impossible not to love an album that includes the surreal lyrics of “We are homesick space stations” in Done and Said and creates a new genre of music with electronic a capella in Delete. Each and every listener will have their own favourites amongst the material that Laura has manifested but for my own part three tracks speak to me the most – one in a very personal manner.

In This Boat brings to mind the shipwreck caused by Prospero at the opening of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest and numerous forms of Shakespearian shenanigans. Any song that puts one in mind of the Bard is a winner in my book. Each and every repeat listening of May Our Daughters Return Home further evokes the imagery of a neon lit US metropolis streaked with blood and under the thrall of a serial killer with proceedings orchestrated by David Lynch. Imagine Dirty Harry crossed with Zodiac and remade with a “Lynchian” verve and mentality and this is the perfect accompanying piece. The lyrics of Exit Strategy speak to me deeply about my ongoing mental health issues and help empower me to continue with daily existence…


Little Battles is released on 9 April with an accompanying “Album Launch Extravaganza” at The Half Moon Pub in Herne Hill, London on 11 April. Further details on the launch event and how to order the album can be found at the She Makes War website. Be kind to yourself in this age of uncertainty and immerse yourself in the musical output of this talented, generous, and unique musician.

She Makes War - Laura Kidd“Disarm”, the self-produced debut album from “She Makes War”, was the first collection of tracks in many a long year to so draw me in that I was unable to relinquish it in favour of other music for 2 or 3 weeks. Over such a time period my moods changed considerably from high to low, anger to peacefulness, but with its diversity and breadth of material the slickly-produced “Disarm” always had a track to match how I felt.

“She Makes War” is the solo project of Laura Kidd, and her vocal range and multi-instrumental ability endows her with a genius of delivery and versatility that allows for “thirteen tales of love, loss, crap mates, betrayal, homicide and genocide” that many artists and bands would be hard pushed to achieve in an entire career, let alone a single album – especially their first.

With tracks such as “Scared to Capsize”, “Slow Puncture”, and “Olympian”, Laura put me in mind of the innocent-girl-next-door I’d want to take on a picnic in a meadow on a summer day. And at the other end of the emotional scale, material such as “No Fireworks”, “NIMN”, “Got Milk”, and “Chicken” conjured up images of a grungy tattooed rock chick that I’d love to party with for 48 hours straight. Though I’d have probably needed a sit down and the toilet now and then…

She Makes War - Laura with guitar

For me the standout track on the album was unquestionably “NIMN”. With overlapping vocals, reverb, and superb use of contrasting instrumentation, this slice of “gothic industrial grunge” is quite simply one of the most stunning songs I’ve ever been privileged to enjoy. The entire album, and “NIMN” in particular put me in mind of Neil Gaiman’s “gothic grunge” universe as displayed in such works as “Coraline” and “Neverwhere”. Dark worlds mere seconds out of step with our own. Realms of ghosts and shadows pushing at the edges of our reality and reasoning.

”Ghosts” and “Shadows” certainly seems to be a recurring theme in Laura’s work and her entertaining blog goes by the name of ghosts&shadows. Those two words have haunted my mind ever since I finished listening to the album for the first time and for me that is the sign of a great album, one that works its way into your very soul.

As well as being an incredibly talented musician, Laura is also a filmmaker and video director. As well as producing often surreal promo films (including giant penguins and a treasure hunt by bicycle) for several tracks from the “Disarm” project, Laura also catalogued the production of the album through video blogs – which she is now continuing into the 2nd album, which is well into production and due out before the end of 2011.

I’ve already pre-ordered Album 2 and if you have any form of taste in music I suggest that you do the same. NOW!!!